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Wazifa for love back

Wazifa for love back


Wazifa for love is a boon for all those lovers who are sincere and want to marry their lover with the blessings of their parents. It erases all problems of indecency and adultery and leaves only love and happiness in your relationship.

Moreover, wazifa and dua for love back is also beneficial for those lovers. Who are not able to handle their relationship. Meanwhile, they face a lot of problems. And for some reason, their lover is not ready to marry. Or if you want your love back to you.


If you are in pain of losing your loving one. Because Losing your lover is quite common nowadays. moreover, wazifa to get your love back is act as a guide in protecting and saving your relationship.

Are you looking for the Muslim astrologer who do most powerful wazifa for love a to get your love back?

This happens because of several reasons. Sometimes, your lover just walks out of your life for no reason. And you are left shatter and broken in all the sorts of things. Wondering what was your mistake? Is it so obvious at that time? Therefore, Islamic Muslim Astrologer who knows how wazifa will help you to get your love back. If your lover has left you. And there is a need that you have to be strong from inside.

Moreover, if you cannot live a second without them, just perform wazifa to get love back. Insha Allah, the wazifa will give you wonderful and miraculous results. Therefore, your lover will come back to you.

But, remember one thing. While performing the wazifa to get love back. you must do it with the intention of marriage. Without the intention of marriage with your lover, wazifa will not work.

  • Surah Muzammil should be recited at least once a day.
  • Face Kiblah after the recital and pray to Allah for the prosperity of your love marriage.
  • To achieve the best results, you should follow the guidelines for roughly 41 days with a pure heart. Your earnest prayer will undoubtedly be rewarded.
  • The following dua should be recited:

How Strong wazifa will get your love back?

If you are suffering from a lot of disputes in the relationship? Or you want to marry your loved one? But unable to do because of a few reasons.

In the following content. I mention how you can resolve the issues in your relationship with the wazifa to get your love back.

Losing the one, you love in an effective relationship is tragic for both of them. It happens several times, one of the lovers end the relationship because of parental and societal pressure. If your lover doesn’t have the courage to face all the obstacles appear in the relationship. Therefore, he/ she has ended the relationship. Moreover, wazifa from Allah to fill their hearts with strength and courage to take a stand for your relationship. Moreover, to get your lover back.

 If you begin the wazifa after the namaz of Isha it is very effective for the lovers. Read 278 times. If you want faster results in a short time span.

Ha Meem Ain Seen Kaaf

After this, take your lover and his or her mother’s name. And wazifa from Allah to send him/ her back to you. Repeat this wazifa for three times. Weep and pray to Allah for his mercy. Insha Allah, will accept you pray in a few days. As a result, your lover will come back to you.


This is only possible because of the wazifa. And in further you will come to know how is this so? So if you want your beloved one to get married to you. Do this wazifa. So that your lover will not go to someone else. Moreover, he/she will fall in love with you with full dedication and enthusiasm. Firstly, you can perform this wazifa on any day of the week. There is no need for you to wait for any specific or special day.

Before commencing the wazifa prepare  khushu khuzu wuzu. Moreover, read it at least one time a day. After the namaj or panj waqt namaj. If you read it after the panj waqt namaj. Hence, the chances of results will be more effective.

The durood shareef which you know better. For example at a click of mind. Read it priorly. Then read Allah Asma-e-Mubarak or Wadoodu or Kabeeru for 100 times with full dedication, concentration and enthusiasm.

At the time of chanting this wazifa keep the picture of your lover. Whom you want to get back to marry you. In the correct position. Therefore, if you perform this wazifa for a consecutive period of time then you may get your lover back to you.


Hope this wazifa to get your love back will help you. If you still have any query. Please contact our love problem solution baba Ji.

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